Action Corrosion has a background in commercial rust removal. We have seen first hand the cost of rust and corrosion damage to commercial air-conditioning installations, rail bridges, pipelines, coastal resorts and beachfront homes. With this knowledge, we set about formulating the Action Corrosion range of rust removers and protective coatings. These formulations had previously only been available to industry. We have now packaged our range of anti-corrosion products for the consumer, to help de-rust and protect your largest investments including the home, cars and more.

We manufacture our products as single items or in ready to use all in one kits, such as the DIY CAR RUSTPROOF KIT, BBQ RESCUE KIT and the STAINLESS STEEL RESCUE KIT. These kits offer a simple, high performance solution to rust removal and protection. All metals including stainless steel, mild steel and other non ferrous products are cleaned of corrosion and protected.

Remember what your stainless steel appliances, downpipes, fittings and barbecue looked like new? We’ll remove the rust, stop the rust and make them look new again…………….. then keep it that way!

If you are building and renovating we offer a FREE 32 page coloured guide titled “Home Anti-Corrosion Guide.” This guide gives Anti-Corrosion advice on the best products to use to restore your home and design tips for those building near the coast.

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  • We operate as an antique shop, specialising in old maritime equipment & other interesting items from the early shipping, whaling and peering days. We are also setting up a museum of the early sea faring.
    The Action Corrosion products we use strip the rust off old iron work without having to dismantle it. The rust removal gel doesn’t affect other metals or paintwork, so we don’t have to dismantle it.
    The gel is water soluble so we can clean up quickly and in a short time we can turn a rusted bit of junk into something interesting.
    We de-rust old metal advertising signs and old advertising tins. Even if the rust is covering most of the printing – usually after ten minutes of soaking, the printing comes clear. After drying – a coat of Action Clear Coat brings it back as good as it can get.
    Some items are so rusted we soak them in a small bath of gel and within a few hours the rust dissolves, without affecting other metals and paint on the piece.

    Ray , Owner
    Chinderah Bay Antiques

  • Thanks for the help from the Action Corrosion team. I bought the Metal Rescue and was able to remove the rust from my tools overnight. I can re-use the liquid over and over. I love the ease of which my steel tools and equipment are cleaned of rust and brought back to new.

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    Shane Hare, Nowra

  • We live on the beachfront, this is a photo of our rusted and corroded TV two years ago. The USB connection and the terminals are all rusted. Just after this photo Action Corrosion treated the set with Vapour Guard. We can’t believe it is still working perfectly. it’s amazing.

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    Michael McCabe, Kingscliff NSW

  • We use Action Corrosion Products to coat our rooftop pergolas, especially for those we install on the beachfront. When clear coated the pergolas have a nice shine and give great protection against corrosion.

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  • I was so happy with the job Action Corrosion did on the Steel door frames. They looked as good as new once they had finished and we were very satisfied with the quality of the work …

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    Polly's Motel, Kingscliff NSW